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Every month, 90,500 people are interested in learning more about solar panels. Some are unhappy with the rising cost of electricity, and some with the way the Government has been raising prices month after month. For others, they are just looking to do something good for the planet by going green. But one thing is clear: nothing has a greater impact on making a person feel like they are contributing to helping the planet.

Are Solar Panels For You?

Area code, local laws and space are all important factors to be considered when thinking about making the switch to solar. Before you make the switch, you want to make sure that you have done your due diligence on finding a reputable company to work with, or if you are going to do it yourself, make sure you have everything you need before you get started.

Before deciding on solar panels, ask if any other companies might be recommended to provide other quotes and to give you a more accurate estimate of the costs and saving you’ll have by making the switch.

Making The Decision For Solar Panels

Whether the installation is desired for functional or personal reasons, your choice of a qualified solar panel installation company is of paramount importance. We are the leader in Elida New Mexico for solar power systems. The average solar power system will offset 178 tons of CO2 over 30 years. That’s like avoiding 390,300 miles driven, planting 10 football fields full of trees or eliminating 174,907 pounds of burned coal.

Understanding The Benefits

Today, solar costs less than traditional electricity in many markets. The days of solar costing 2-10x more than traditional electricity are over and we are now in a day and age where solar is a financially viable solution.

What To Expect Working With Us

In the immediate days following the installation, you may experience feelings of surprise and you’ll notice a light bounce in your step knowing that you are not only lowering your bills, but helping the planet at the same time.

Over the next few months you’ll notice that your friends and family will be making the switch to solar as well.

Our coverage is the best in the industry, with repairs and a production guarantee at no additional cost.

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