Solar Panel Laws in California - Everything You Need To Know

Solar Panel Laws in California

California solar panel laws

California Solar Panel Laws

There are many California residents who have questions concerning solar panel laws. Some want to know if their neighbor can legally block their solar panels with shading. Others want to know what codes restrictions and covenants place limitations on the use of solar energy and more.

California Solar Rights Act
This was passed into law in 1978. It established a legal framework for California residents to have solar energy.

The act makes certain consumers have access to sunlight. It also places limitations on homeowner associations as well as local governments from restricting solar energy installations.
 It was designed to encourage consumers using solar energy.

Solar Shade Act
This act is part of the Solar Rights Act. It provides protection for solar energy system owners from different types of shading on adjacent properties.

This provides legal protection for an energy system owner from having shrubs, trees and more interfere with the proper operation of solar panels.
This law states that a shrub or tree is not permitted to cast a shadow that covers over 11 percent of an absorption area for a solar system owner’s panels.

This law must be in obeyed between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. This also applies to any shrubs and trees planted after the installation of the solar system.

Solar Panel Laws in California

Local Authorities
California Government Code 65850.5 specifically addresses the authority of local agencies to create ordinances regarding solar energy systems. It prevents the enactment of unreasonable barriers to the installation and use of such systems.

This code forbids using the limitation aesthetic purposes as well as design for the reason of restricting solar energy systems. It also makes certain businesses, agricultural concerns as well as homeowners have the legal authority to install these types of systems.

In September of 2014, California bill AB 2188 was signed into law. This was designed to decrease the red-tape involved with obtaining a permit to install a solar energy system.

This bill mandated that all cities in California, as well as counties, create an ordinance to streamline the permitting process for residential rooftop solar energy systems.

California Civil Code 801.5
This is known as California’s solar access law. This makes it possible for neighbors to voluntarily agree to a solar easement.

The goal is to ensure adequate sunlight is possible for individuals who use solar energy systems for their energy needs.

California SB 43
This permits individuals who rent or those with shaded roofs to have access to the benefits of solar energy. It enables these individuals to purchase as much as 100 percent of their energy from a remote solar power plant.

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