Solar Panel Laws in New Hampshire - Everything You Need to Know

Solar Panel Laws in New Hampshire

New Hampshire solar panels

In the world where everyday things become more expensive. It’s nice to know that we do have the opportunity to decrease our electricity costs.

What are the Solar Panel Laws in New Hampshire?

With the increase of information about solar energy being shared around the world.It’s not surprising to find yourself asking, should I install panels in my home? The answer is, yes.If you have the money to invest now, in the future you will save anywhere from 50-100 dollars a month.

But, before you rush ahead and get started on your new adventure. let’s take a look at some of New Hampshire’s Laws and Regulations on installing solar panels.
1) Building code requirements.

The state building codes apply throughout New Hampshire. however, towns, cities,counties and village districts are able to adopt their own building codes.

The first thing you should do is check with your local municipality to see all your requirements.
2) Home owner’s association restrictions

If you live in an area with a home owner’s association they may have their own rules pertaining to the installation of solar panels.

You will need to speak with the president of your association to get a current copy of your bylaws.
3) Solar Access laws

New Hampshire has a law that allows you to create a solar skyspace easement. This easement is to ensure that you will have direct access to the sun for your solar panels.

In other word’s your neighbors could not build a structure or plant a tree that would cause a shadow over your solar panels.
4) Net Metering and group net metering Payments

This law allows the owner of solar panels to receive payment or credit for any excess amount of renewable energy that is produced by their panels.

This law also allows the solar panel owner to share their renewable energy with another property.
5) Zoning Regulations

Most municipalities allow renewable energy systems installed on existing residential structures.

However, when they are installed on the ground of the property setbacks and other zoning related requirements may be put into place.
6) Permits

Municipalities in New Hampshire will require you to have a permit to install your solar panel systems.

You will need to contact your local code officials to see about fee’s and requirements.

The task of installing your new solar panel system may seem daunting. But in the long run, you will be happy to know you are not only saving money every month, you are becoming more independent

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