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Solar Panels Maryland – Find Solar Panel Providers in Maryland

Solar Panels Maryland

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Maryland, home of the Star-Spangled Banner, the Orioles, the Appalachian Mountains, Chesapeake Bay, and the warm friendly beaches of the Eastern Shore. Whether you want to go hiking, head for the ballpark, take in some of our nation’s great historical sites, or relax on the beach, you’ll want to do that in a clean safe environment. To keep the Maryland environment looking good, renewable energy like solar power is the word. Here’s what the Maryland legislature has been working on to make that an affordable reality.

Maryland got an early start using renewables. A 2001 law mandated six percent of government building electricity come from renewable sources. That was one of the first government mandated renewable targets across the country. In 2010, all state buildings reduced their energy usage by 15% from a decade prior. Much of this momentum can be attributed to Maryland legislature establishing a strong renewable portfolio standard (RPS).

Getting Solar Panels in Maryland is becoming much more common and you might have noticed that some of your neighbors have made the switch.

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